Suit of Harte's
The Complete Collection

A print compilation of the full Suit of Harte's trilogy!

Dillon Spade, Jesse Harte, Danny Stone and Evan Gloverfeld (aka Clover) met in high school. After some finagling on Jesse's part, the boys became best friends. Like the suits in a deck of cards, they were a unit, inseparable as they grew from boys to men.

Six years ago, a tragic car accident fractured the group and took Clover away, but time and distance cannot break the bonds of friendship. Join them as they overcome loss, and find love, and learn that true friendship never disappears.

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Book Details

Series: Suit of Harte's
Genre: Contemporary Romance, BDSM/kink
Tags: D/s, bondage, shibari, wax play, sensation play, exhibitionism, prostitution, professor/student
Published By: Jacqueline Grey Books