“Shoot the Moon” Excerpt

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Harte’s dance club filled the entire first floor of the building, but the rest of the club was spread out over three floors with space for any scene a person could devise. There was a small schoolroom, a doctor’s office, a small library, and even a playground, though the swings were not the type found in someone’s backyard. There were private playrooms for those who didn’t want an audience and public alcoves for those who did. Toys, furniture, and props were supplied in every room, and signs indicated if you needed something specific, all you had to do was ask. The place was a wonderland for kinky adults and, his host informed him, absolutely exclusive. Like Ash had said, the safety of the patrons was the highest priority.

After a whirlwind tour, Adam and his guide finally paused in one of the simpler playrooms. It had a cabinet, which Adam assumed was fully stocked with toys, lube, condoms, and props, but what caught his attention was the big X standing against the far wall. It was the same as the one the submissive on the stage had been strapped to.

“That’s called a Saint Andrew’s Cross.”


The question was answered with a shrug. “Does it matter? Most people don’t come here for history lessons.”

“I suppose we’re in the wrong room for that.”

The tease went over well, and Adam was gifted with a smile. “Yes, that was the floor above us.”

Adam made his way over to the cross to get a closer look. There were attachment points on each of the X’s limbs where cuffs could be attached, but the cuffs were missing.

“Would you like to try it?”

Adam froze, suddenly nervous.

“I wouldn’t tie you to the posts, but if you’re interested in trying something, I have an idea I think you might like.”

“Oh?” Despite his nerves, Adam wanted to hear what the man had to say.

“Let me ask you first, are you clean?”

Offended, Adam whirled to face him then realized it was a completely reasonable question. No one had asked him so bluntly before.

“Yes,” he said. “I’m always safe, and I get tested regularly.”

“As do I. Now, if you’re interested in doing anything, turn to face the cross again.”

Adam hesitated. He didn’t know what the Dominant had in mind and wasn’t into giving over control to a complete stranger.

“I won’t tie you up, and if you want to stop at any time, all you have to do is say so.”

“You didn’t make any promises about pain,” Adam pointed out.

The Dom smirked. “Why? Would you like some?”

“No! I mean…that guy with the flogger…”

“You’re right. My apologies. I promise I will not use any toy on you that would be painful.”

That wasn’t completely reassuring, but Adam was feeling reckless. “What do I have to do?”

“Turn back to the cross.”

Adam did, and suddenly, there was heat at his back and a voice low in his ear. “I want you to line up your ankles with the posts and hold here with your hands.” His arms were guided into place. “I’m not going to bind you, but you’re not allowed to move. Make all the noise you want—beg if you’d like. I do enjoy that—but no moving. Can you do that?”

“What are you going to do?”

“Touch you,” the man said simply.

“That’s it?”

“Oh, I think that will be enough.” As if to demonstrate, he ran his fingertips down Adam’s neck, and a shiver ran through him. “I don’t need anything more than my hands, wouldn’t you say?” He caressed Adam’s thighs and kneaded his ass through his jeans. “Maybe, a little of my tongue too?” he added, licking along the outer shell of Adam’s ear.

Adam felt warm. “Okay. I can do that.”

“And if you’re a good boy and keep still, I’m going to fuck your brains out as well.”

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