Limits and Stakes

“I take it this is what you meant about trying new things over spring break?”

As a rule, Professor Daniel Stone doesn't date students—but he did make a mistake with one. He kissed Chris Owen over winter break and has regretted it ever since.

Spring break will be different. A week playing at a BDSM club with some unknown sub will get Chris off his mind.

But when the first sub that catches his eye turns out to be Chris, Daniel's willpower is put to the ultimate test. Perhaps it's time for the professor to learn that some rules are destined to be broken.

Book Details

Series: Suit of Harte's
Genre: Contemporary Romance, BDSM/kink
Warning: Mention of accidental death
Published By: Jacqueline Grey Books


  • Professor/student
  • BDSM Virgin
  • Ice cream is sexy
  • Hiking is also sexy
  • Purple satin panties
  • Inappropriate dressing room etiquette

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