Daybreaks Euphony

An anthology collection of historical and urban fantasy works by eight diverse storytellers.

Please Note: Since this is a historical and urban fantasy collection, not all stories included may have a happy ending,
but "Piotr and the Beast" is a full fledged HE romance.

Piotr and the Beast

Twice he'd entered this forest, and twice he'd overestimated his ability to survive it.

On his way to the University of Warsaw, Piotr makes a poor choice and gets lost in the forest. He comes across an empty cabin and takes shelter from a snow storm. Little does he know, the house belongs to a beast.

But the discovery of a terrifying beast in the woods is only one of the mysteries he encounters. When he set out for the university, it was a warm spring day. So why is Warsaw and the land around it locked in a permanent winter? And how is it that a beast can speak?

Please Note: This story is a standalone, but it does connect with the novel Ghost House.

Book Details

Genre: Fairy Tale, Romance
Published By: Peach Flower House

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