Daybreaks Euphony

An anthology collection of historical and urban fantasy works by eight diverse storytellers.

Please Note: Since this is a historical and urban fantasy collection, not all stories included may have a happy ending, but "Piotr and the Beast" is a full fledged HE romance.

Piotr and the Beast

Piotr, a student seeking a brighter future at the University of Warsaw, makes a poor choice and gets lost in the forest. On the brink of death in the wintery woods, he finds salvation in an empty cabin.

Eleven years ago, Danil was cursed into the form of a beast, and his hometown of Warsaw was locked in a permanent winter. Resigned to life without friends, family, or a lover, he's surprised to come home one night to find a young man asleep in his cabin.

A lost boy and a lonely beast, both in need of rescue. Together they might find the way to save themselves and each other.

Please Note: This story is a standalone prequel for the novel Ghost House.

Book Details

Genre: Historical Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Published By: Peach Flower House

Story Details

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Fairy Tale

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